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Joongilbil - Fishing Shirt Long Sleeve (Front)
Joongilbil – Fishing Shirt



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Joongilbil – Fishing Shirt


Joongilbil was the fire creator. People saw smoke coming from his camp, so Giido & Ganbaliny went to have a look. They saw Joongilbil cooking fish on a fire and went back to tell the others. The next day they watched how he created the fire, and then made plans to steal it. In the morning, when Joongilbil blew out the fire, and hid it, Giido & Ganbaliny stole the fire stick and ran away. Joongilbil chased after them, but as they ran, they all started to turn into birds. Giido & Ganbaliny became the oystercatchers that’s why they still eat raw oyster today. Joongilbil became the Falcon and that is why he is the first bird to be seen when there is a bushfire.

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Weight 490 g
Dimensions 345 × 295 × 20 mm



Ashley Hunter


Adults, Kids


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Fishing Shirt


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